How to use social media aggregator apps to make your website more engaging?

This article is all about analyzing how social media aggregator tools go hand in hand with user engagement. 

There is no denying that user engagement is one of the key performance indicators to the overall success of any brand or business. The more the merrier. Businesses across the globe are investing their creativity and experience to win more user engagement. And, a major chunk of them is actually winning.

So, how do business leaders maintain their creativity over such a long period of time and bring in more user engagement to their brand?

They are always on the hunt to dig out the latest user trends – they analyze, they adopt.

And, what’s the coolest ‘happening thing’ they have adopted to redefine their brand-building recently?

Social media aggregator tools.

Factually, social media aggregator service is the latest happening thing in the social media marketing ecosystem.   

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What’s user engagement?

friends joining hands symbolizing user engagement

Hold it. We are not going to define the basic idea of winning more user engagement for you. You probably know that already. Here we are going to analyze what it means to your business and how you measure it.

So, how did this ‘user engagement’ thing start?

Back in 1999, with the birth of Web 2.0, it started. As the web turned into a more participative web along with the buzz of social media platforms, users across the globe started spewing about their relationships with their loved brands/businesses.

In the early days, this whole user-generated content for any brand was limited within the social media platforms. Still now, social media integration is a big thing for global brands and it’s a proven way to empower your users to connect more with your brand socially.

And, there’s no denying that this process helped brands to enhance their user engagement for a long period of time.

Having said that, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to measure your brand’s user engagement section. It’s different for different business verticals.

But social media aggregation is a completely different animal.

display of social media content on laptop

Let’s understand the purpose of a social media aggregator.

The main functional area of a social media aggregator tool is to create a continuous stream of a brand’s social media feeds originating from a single or multiple social media platforms and display that live social feed on many places including your website.

Yes. Right on your brand’s website, a newcomer lands and he gets to experience what your followers are voicing about you on different social media platforms.

What does this mean to that newcomer?

Authenticity. Trust. Connection. Innovation.

The result?

Yup! You just have earned a new follower.

And imagine when this process is turning thousands of heads towards you?

Your brand is rising and shining.

That’s how social media aggregator apps work and that’s why it’s the single most important element for enhancing your user engagement.

Yes. Social media aggregator is the ‘new normal’.

So, how do social media aggregator apps make your website more engaging?

The reasons are plenty.

Value your users.
people working together in a cafe

You win users. User engagement is sure to happen.

In whichever business vertical you have placed your brand, one thing is for sure that the users make your brand successful. They put your brand into the elite sphere of popular brands. Of late the global brand building has shifted from shouting ‘brand, brand, brand’ to ‘user, user, user’.

Now, with the help of social media aggregator apps when you embed your social media feeds to your website your users get featured on your website. And, loyal users like to see them featured on the website of their beloved brand. They feel more connected. Thus, valued. 

And, socially, this incident encourages them to talk about you to their friends, family members, and to the others who are socially connected with them. Eventually, those users will end up doing the most primitive form of marketing for you – word of mouth.

Brand trust comes with transparency.

Every business demands that they are the best in their respective business verticals. We all respect that self-confidence.

But, do all of them win the rest being the coveted best?

Unfortunately, it’s not.

So, what gives your brand that edge of trust and transparency?

Displaying user-generated content aka social media posts on your brand’s website gives you that edge. Because global users are gradually getting impatient with the super penetrative marketing approach coming from every direction of the web.

Thus, marketing is transforming and social media aggregator tools are the linchpin of this transformation. They are putting users along with their loved brands in the same place. They are placing the users in such a place where they feel that your brand belongs to them. 

They feel united. They invest their trust in your brand. 

So, what about the negative user reviews?
google user reviews integrated by social media aggregator app

How are they going to help you?

Yes. Even negative reviews are going to help your brand along with positive reviews.

When you place negative reviews on your website, it sends a sense of transparency to the other users. It says that, as a brand, you care about everyone’s opinions even when they are negative. Because you know about the loopholes in your brand’s performance and you are willing to change them for your users.

So, the bold message is – you are transparent. 

We all know that mistakes happen. You did some. And, you are honest enough to admit it and bring in the necessary change to rectify it.

Remember, brand loyalty comes with brand transparency.

More engaged Events and Seminars

social media aggregator app behind social media wall in event

One of the best things about social media aggregator tools is that they can make your events and seminars more user-centric and engaging along with your website.

Any versatile social media aggregator app, like Aggregator, enables you to display your hard-earned social media feed on any digitally powered screen. You can build a social media wall at your annual user summit. You can build a colorful event wall with a live social media feed. You can even use the same in your seminars.

The main idea is to make things more engaging whatever you do with your brand. It’s not always the website that you are limited to win more minds with social media aggregation.

Greater brand exposure. Higher SERP rank. More user engagement.

graphic image symbolizing growth by using social media aggregator app

User-generated content and user experience go hand in hand. 

When you display social content from your users on your website, they tend to remain glued to your website for a longer period of time. Because they like it.

Now, when users stare at your web pages and remain there for long it changes a few metrics for your website.

It increases your dwell time. It increases user engagement. It decreases the bounce rate. It curbs down the user’s heat map. And, most importantly, these metrics send crucial ranking signals to search engines.

Eventually, the possibility of your brand ranking higher on the SERPs gets brighter.

Your brand exposure gets stronger and wider.

And, with all of these happenings, you are earning a new herd of followers.

Yes. It’s smart.

Hi! We are Aggregator – your personal social media aggregator app.

social media aggregator app kooyal aggregator

We know that you want to build your brand by taking smart decisions. We believe in you and that’s the reason we built Aggregator. We are here to help you connect your brand with millions of lives.

Lastly, if you want to know more about social media aggregation and how it can win you more user engagements, feel free to bug us with your queries.

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