Social media aggregator – Latest tool for your Brand success in 2022.

Are you trying to find innovative ways to push your brand into a more socially engaged layer? I bet you do. And, you are on the right page. Here’s the new normal that’s happening with social media – social media aggregator tools. Already popular to famous brands worldwide are using this futuristic social media aggregator tool to turn more heads.

Now the big question is – what does social media aggregator do?

A social media aggregator tools integrate your social media feeds and put everything, live, within a screen, website, digital board, and digital signage. It’s a plush unification of all your social exposure into a single stream to increase user engagement by showcasing your brand’s existing social impact.


More brand exposure with a more focused social message using the user-generated content that you already have at your disposal.

Ring a bell?

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Now, suppose social media marketing means something like always finding out innovative ways to you, for staying on the edge of the ever-evolving user trends. In that case, this is definitely for you.

As you already know, social media is all about its users, where they talk about their lives, share their interests with their friends and family members, and talk about your brand’s influence in their lives. Yes, that’s what social media is all about for your brand’s social footprint – your user’s voice—word of mouth.

ladies socializing together symbolizing impact of social life

At this point, I’m sure that you face the following questions during your social media marketing decision making:

  • How to grow your social media following?
  • How to increase user engagement?
  • How to use user-generated content more effectively?
  • How are other brands employing user-generated content in their marketing approaches?
  • How to enhance your brand-building process through social media marketing?

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Admittedly, these questions are elemental to a decision-maker like you, and you are not alone in this race. So, how can social media aggregator tools equip your brand with more innovative ways to go more social on the web, solve these issues, and create a more substantial growth opportunity for itself? We will be looking into that in this article.

Before we dig deep into this, we need to be on the same page about what a social media aggregator tool is?

What is a social media aggregator tool?

social media aggregator tool displaying social content on laptop

Let me ask you a question. You have an array of social media feeds that come from different social profiles. Right? Now, how do you integrate all of your social media feeds into a single channel and showcase that within a single place?

Yes. It would be best if you had a social media aggregator tool to do that.

Technically, a social media aggregator tool locates and curates social content from every social media platform that your brand uses and unifies them into a single social feed. And, you can use this integrated social media feed across all of your marketing channels.

How to use a social media aggregator tool?

Usage of a social media aggregator tool starts with the user-generated content or your social media feed.

Admittedly, social media aggregator tools are the only things that enable you to use user-generated content in the best possible way.


Before social media aggregator tools came into the picture, you had to embed your social media feed into your brand website through raw code. Now, with social media aggregator tools, you can curate user-generated content across your social profiles, creatively customize them, and infuse them into your website, social marketing, and promotional approaches without any coding knowledge.

The purpose of this process is just the simplification of things. And, once it’s done it can do wonders for your business.

Show the people what your users are telling about you. Build user trust. Enhance user engagement. Thus, a beefy brand image and increased conversion rate.


A single positive user review draws more users in and breeds more positive user reviews.

And there is more fun…

people together having fun symbolizing social growth

The story doesn’t end here. There are other essential features of a social media aggregator tool too.

Do you want to aggregate content related to a particular hashtag?

A specific social media profile?




You name it.

Yes. With social media aggregator tools, you can curate anything and everything from social media platforms. Added to this, you can customize your feed. Add any promotional content with it for branding purposes. You can control the quality and quantity of social content.

The best part of the story is that the social media aggregator tools or this particular niche are at their newborn stage. With time more innovative ideas will get integrated with these aggregator tools, and the possibilities are endless.

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Different types of social media aggregator tools

Typically, there are two types of social media aggregator tools – Social media feed aggregation and social network aggregation.

Social media feed aggregation

graphic image displaying social content fetched by social media aggregator app

Firstly, social media feed aggregation means you can aggregate content from multiple social media platforms related to a particular social profile, keyword, hashtag, and channel.

Let’s consider that you want to aggregate content from every social media platform related to a particular hashtag. It can be any hashtag – your brand’s custom hashtag or a popular hashtag. You can make it happen.

Further, a hashtag aggregator enables you to curate content related to that hashtag from multiple social media platforms. This type of aggregation comes in handy when you are hosting or participating in a social event.

Technically, profile or channel content aggregation also falls under this social media feed aggregation category.

With this, you can aggregate social media content from a selected social profile or channel. This aggregation process is pretty useful when you want to embed a social media feed into your brand website, or you can use this specific feed as input to your internal events. Added to this, you can also choose to display the contents uploaded by your brand.

Here’s a tip. You can always make it more interesting by aggregating your brand content mixed with hashtags and profile content.

social network aggregation

collage of social content fetched by social media aggregator app

As the name suggests, this process is social platform-specific or social network-specific. Some examples of this are:
Instagram aggregator
Facebook aggregator
Twitter aggregator
YouTube aggregator
…and the list goes on.

With this type of social media aggregation, you will be able to aggregate content from any specific social media platform. This social feed can be related to parameters like timeline, hashtag, keyword, or channel – and all of them together.

This type of social media aggregator comes in handy for those brands whose users hang out on a particular kind of social media platform.

Let’s consider that your brand is all about clothing & Apparel. It’s fine. So, where do you think that your users will be more active with your brand content?

Decidedly, Instagram, as it is the most popular photo-sharing social platform. And, being a clothing brand, you need to make your mark on Instagram.

With social network aggregation, you will be able to design a platform-specific social campaign using the aggregated feed as input. You can also embed the social media feed into your website to showcase your social influence on your website’s newcomers.

Make sense?

Now, we are coming to the most important part of the question.

How do social media aggregator tools shape your brand’s success?

user playing chess symbolizing brand growth through social media aggregator app

This is the most crucial part of this story. Admittedly, you want your brand to be successful and how can a social media aggregator app achieve that?

A recent study by TurnTo Networks on customer behavior is pretty vocal in supporting user-generated content and what it means to your brand. The critical parameters of the study were:

  • Customer motivation
  • Buying decision
  • Impact of user-generated content on the customer.
  • Influence of user reviews on buying decision

The study reveals stunning statistics. More than 90% of the shoppers reported that user-generated content influenced their purchase decision. This percentage outranks other marketing channels like search engine exposure (87%) and social & email promotion (79%).

Further, the shoppers (81% of them) also reported that they would like to purchase more products in the future that come with user reviews.


User-generated content…

collage of user generated content

In this era of web 2.0, you need to focus on user-generated content and design your marketing and promotional efforts around that. Show other users what your social followers are talking about you.

Aggregate your social content and put it on your website, digital signage, or a giant digital screen. Show the web that people trust your brand. They love it. Eventually, this UGC, centric marketing approach will win you more hearts and minds.

And, where does this entire process start?

Yes, social media aggregation. Only the best social media aggregator apps enable you to curate user-generated content in the best possible way, coupled with endless customization opportunities.

It’s time. Place your brand in a more socially engaging place. Do not follow only social user trends. Go beyond that. Influence more people by showcasing your users’ trust. Push your brand to become more social in the most innovative way with social media aggregator tools and UGC.

Kooyal Aggregator – the best social media aggregator & UGC platform for you

social media aggregator app kooyal aggregator

We hope that you have enjoyed the article. Thank you.

We are Kooyal Aggregator – a professional social media aggregator tool and UGC platform with all the futuristic customization that your brand needs. For your brand-building process, our motto is simple – help your users. Build their trust. Display that trust across your marketing channels. Bring more users in. Engage. Close more sales.

Repeat this cycle of happiness.

Lastly, always feel free to bug us with your further queries. We will be happy to help you.

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