Social Media Aggregator – The Brand New Marketing Strategy in 2022.

Yes. Social media aggregator platforms are the next happening thing in social media marketing. It’s something that makes your brand stand out from the rest.


Every marketer is plowing every inch of the web to learn more about how to think outside the box with their social media marketing strategy?

And, the out-of-the-box factor is simple.

Place your users in front of your brand. Let them build your brand. Technically, the combination of social media aggregator platforms with user-generated content can do the trick.

It’s called equal footing.

And it’s the innovation that you are searching for.

Globally, buying decisions are getting more user-generated content-centric. In this ultra-modern marketing era, your users are the most potent marketing element you have.

In this article, we will walk you through the ‘why’ part of the question – why most of the popular brands are employing social media aggregator & UGC platforms in their marketing strategy to entice and attract new users to use their brands.

How to get innovative with your social media marketing strategy?

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There are billions of published articles on the web regarding social media marketing. Enough words have been written regarding this subject. Most popular marketing blogs are leaving no stone unturned to tell you about ‘how to be innovative with your social media marketing strategy?’

Typically, they tell you to do these –

  • Be regular on social media platforms that your brand suites.
  • Run contests
  • Giveaways
  • Host video sessions and connect with your users like hosting AMAs (ask me anything)
  • Create visually brilliant social posts
  • Design a goal-oriented video content marketing strategy
  • Go with Co-branding
  • Write more how-to posts to empower your users.
  • Design tutorials for your product/service
  • Do audience polls
  • Increase conversation with the users

……and this list goes on and on.

I bet these marketing approaches are the current trends in social media, and you already have applied most of these tricks. And, you got some results too. Right?


The negative point of this story is that the other brands are doing the same as you. So, right now, these innovative marketing tricks are not appearing that innovative to you. Right?

Justified. 200%.

But this is not the end of this story. You can still be creative with your social media marketing strategy.

Harness and employ user-generated content in your marketing endeavors. Yes, UGC is the latest weapon that every marketer should have in their arsenal. And, this is where social media aggregator tools walk in.

Let’s dive a bit deep into it.

Why use a social media aggregator for your social media marketing strategy?

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Social media aggregator tools let you collect user-generated content in the best possible ways. Until now, you probably have understood the importance of user-generated content. Now, the only valid question that remains after that is – how to curate or aggregate them in a scientific way?

The answer is – social media aggregator.

Technically, social media aggregator platforms enable you to locate, discover, and curate content from more than 15 social media platforms. Integrate them into a single feed and let you showcase that feed within a single place.

Further, social media aggregator tools help you to aggregate user-generated content that talks about your brand. You can now inject that aggregated content into your social media marketing and use the same for your brand’s promotion.

Here are some fascinating stats about user-generated content:

  • Brand exposure – 25% of the entire search results for the most popular brands today on the web are nothing but links to user-generated content. – Business2community
  • Product discovery – 48% of the global customer base have said that they discovered new products through user-generated content. – Everyonesocial
  • Innovative marketing – 48% of marketers believe that user-generated content helps them make their brand more human. – SocialMediaToday
  • Increased CTR – Incorporating UGC into email-marketing campaigns enhances the email click-through rate by 73%. – Miappi
  • Conversion – consumer reviews that are placed on-site increase the conversion rate by 70%. – Bigcommerce
  • Buying decision – 93% of consumers globally believe that user-generated content influenced them to purchase goods and services online. – Tintup

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I bet these numbers have the potential to make you think hard regarding user-generated content and employ the same across your marketing channels.

Now, where does this process start? Social media aggregator tools. So, let us understand the functioning of social media aggregator tools technically.

How to use a social media aggregator platform?

Technically, social media aggregator platforms and user-generated content go hand in hand. Most popular social media aggregator platforms define them as ‘social media aggregator and UGC platform’ as, without proper aggregation, it’s a real pain to construct a versatile social media feed.

There are mainly two types of social media aggregation that exist nowadays.

The first one is social media feed aggregation.

With this type of aggregation, you will be able to aggregate content from a particular social media connected to a channel, profile, keyword, or hashtag. Depending on your customized requirements, you can toy with any one or all of these aggregating parameters.

Lately, hashtag aggregator tools or hashtag aggregation are coming up pretty fast. You can curate content from different social media channels related to a particular hashtag and use that feed to showcase the content in real-time. You can target any hashtags that are popular or a custom one.

Admittedly, this kind of content aggregation is pretty handy if you are hosting a social event or building a social wall for your brand. The prime focus here is to aggregate social contents that are generated with a particular hashtag.

Channel and profile content aggregation are next on this list.

If you want to aggregate user-generated content from social media channel or a social profile, this type of aggregation is what you are looking for.

Let’s say that you want to add a social feed to your website or host an internal event that speaks about the content created by your brand. Channel or profile content aggregation is built for these types of applications.

You can showcase your social activities on your website, or you can display the content created by your brand at any social event.

Social network aggregation

Moving ahead, with social network aggregation, you will be able to aggregate content from a particular social media platform. This type of content aggregation comes with an array of aggregation parameters like keyword, hashtag, and channel.

It’s needless to say that your particular requirement defines your choice here. But you need to understand an important factor here that you can customize anything, anytime. Typical examples of social network aggregation are like:

  • Instagram aggregator
  • Facebook aggregator
  • Twitter aggregator

This type of social media aggregation is convenient for those brands that have active users on a particular social media platform.

So, as you can understand, if you have a preset strategy for employing user-generated content in your marketing and promotional activities (And you should have one.), you need to start with a versatile social media aggregator tool/platform.

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Kooyal Aggregator – the versatile social media aggregator for your brand.

social media aggregator platform kooyal aggregator

Coming to the end of this article, there are several social media aggregators that offer their professional service to your brand. But what you need is an all-in-one social media aggregator tool that has the potential to feed your brand’s custom requirements.

Hi! We, the minds behind Kooyal Aggregator, a versatile social media aggregator & UGC platform for your brand, are insanely proud to welcome you to try our service. We are ready to deliver you a versatile service and listen to your brand’s needs.

Lastly, always feel free to bug us with your queries. We will be happy to help.

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