How to Write the Perfect Google Review

It’s hard to beat the convenience of finding an organization’s location, hours, phone number, and reviews all in one location. That’s why a Google review is one of the most popular and reputable types of customer testimonials.

You know the process since you likely perform these steps every day: searching Google for information, narrowing down your search results by star rating, and reading the top reviews, before deciding where to eat or get your dental cleaning. Great reviews are the most potent tool for gaining more customers for service businesses such as restaurants, dentists, mechanics, etc. 

Now apply that same process to your own business and your customers. Positive reviews demonstrate your credibility to your customers. Up to 84% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or relatives.

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To leave a Google Review, follow these steps.

  • Open your internet browser
  • Type a local business name into the search bar on Google.
  • Scroll down to see a business’s reviews in Google Maps, or click Write a Review beneath their listing.
  • If you aren’t already signed in, you will be asked to log in. When you complete the review, you’ll be able to submit it.
  • You’ll learn that there is a selection from 1 to 5 stars for the company from the textbox that asks for your review. Then you’ll be able to write about your experience.
  • Click one of the stars to select it and click Post. A description is optional, but if you don’t post, your rating won’t be saved.

If you do business, you realize that while submitting a Google review is simple, it doesn’t always accurately reflect how your customers feel about your business. Those who go the extra mile to submit their feedback are in the minority who may have had an excellent experience or negative experience. And sometimes those with negative reviews shadow positive reviews.

Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to encourage your customers to leave reviews, and they can accomplish this in mere seconds.

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Powerful tips & tricks for leaving feedback on Google from mobile

If you do not want to create a Google account in order to leave a Google review, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Maps app on your mobile device, or open a new tab on
  • In the Maps app, look for the company you wish to review.
  • Check the underlined business name that appears on the map.
  • Once you find the starred reviews section, you can click on it.
  • Under the “Rate & Review” section, click the number of stars you want to give the company. One star = bad; 5 stars = excellent.
  • A notification will appear informing you that you are publishing the content publicly.
  • Optionally, you can include images that relate to the review.
  • What prompted you to be fair to the organization, whether positive or negative?
  • Click the Post button.

If you do not have an Android device and don’t have a Google account, this is an easy way to leave Google reviews for any business you know about. Now you know how to leave a Google review without a Google account, you can leave a comment whenever you have a positive impression of any business.

This enables businesses to identify the steps they can take to improve their products or their services. Furthermore, the reviews provided can help individuals find reputable local companies.

Get customer feedback you can trust – with these tips!

google review is the best form of customer feedback

Proving why people leave Google reviews is a great way to start, however, most people are still unlikely to do it on their own. If you really want to get more customer opinions, you may need to step away from your comfort zone. Be sure you just ask.

With a tool like Kooyal Reviews, you can send a review invite over a text message. All it takes is two steps — all the person has to do is press the link automatically sent by Kooyal Reviews, then write their review. It’s such an easy exercise, a person can post a new five-star review anytime immediately after your checkout process — and so simple, that they can do it at any time of their own choosing.

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Secret revealed: the best way to get customers to write Google review

help customer to leave a google review for your business

You’ll discover that interacting with your customers is a fundamental component of the excellent customer service you provide. Questions about client satisfaction prove that you value client input. By asking for feedback, you show that you give your customers a high priority and are focused on continual growth with the aim of consistently providing high-quality service.

In order to receive Google reviews for your online enterprise, you need to focus on three key factors: integration, the process of implementation, and ease of use.

Necessary Integration

If you have not sufficiently engaged your audience with an email marketing program to acquire their feedback, you are missing out on a great opportunity. In addition to using other communication channels, like social media, in an indirect method, your email list is an ideal place for your audience to thank you for the service they’ve provided you.

Timing is everything: How to time your moves for optimal success

image signifying customer feedback

Timing is essential. If you inquire too early, your customer may not have had the opportunity to collect their thoughts and form an opinion that they feel at ease sharing with the world. Conversely, if there is a noticeable delay in requesting customer feedback, they may not feel sufficiently engaged with you or your brand to provide their focus.


employee enjoying the work atmodphere

It will be clear that customers will have to spend some time providing feedback on your tasks. Hence, you must make the process as simple as possible. Providing a link in your email correspondence to your review page and across your social media channels will result in the process being much easier and more appealing to the audience.

Customer review template containing generic text for product testimonials.

1. Thank you, [customer name], for utilizing our services. We hope you enjoy leaving us a review. The link is here: [Review link]

2. Thank you for checking in today, [customer name]. Please take a moment to give us some feedback. It should take no longer than a minute.

3. Hi, [Company Helper], it’s [your business name]. If an outstanding experience was had by you today, please do take five seconds to leave us a review. [Review link].

Offer hotel guests a review request template.

  1. We loved having you as a guest at our hotel. If you loved being our guest, we would appreciate it if you took a moment to notify us! [Review link].
  1. At [hotel/attraction/ restaurant name], we strive to perfection. Feedback from your reviews is vital to our success. Please follow this link to review the experience.

Healthcare review request text templates 

These templates are a stripped-down version of our health care reviews and can help you address vital patient “hot buttons” and encourage your patients to comment on them. Doctor reviews, especially in health, are getting more important as more people share their reviews.

  1. Did your doctor provide you with excellent service today? Your feedback will be most valuable here.
  1. Was the service today friendly, and professional service? If so, please take a minute to leave a review.

Accountants and Financial Advisors Review Request Text Templates

Like attorneys, accountants, and financial advisers, people are not too keen on requesting reviews. Sometimes, privacy concerns can arise as well. The purpose of the text templates is to promote a casual, friendly atmosphere during text reviews.

  1. Thanks for your confidence in me with your financial resources, [customer name]. I am proud to have served you and look forward to assisting you in the near future. As I am sure you can imagine, the success of my business relies heavily on leads and relationships of high quality. Would you consider leaving a review for others to find my services? [Review Link].
  1. Do you feel I am doing a good job with your finances, [client name]? If so, please consider leaving me a review. [Review Link].

How can you evaluate the worth of customer feedback?

You can typically categorize consumer feedback through the lens of qualitative (the customer’s words) and quantitative (the number of rating stars obtained). The business may benefit from both types of feedback, as it helps minimize their overall rating on the review sites.

More effective ways of obtaining customer feedback, such as giving a Customer Loyalty Parameter metric (NPS), may use a 0-10 scale to offer you a very clear evaluation of the perception of your visitors about you. These metrics can show portions of your business’s customer journey that have the issue and aggregate net promoter scores over time.

Your clients’ ability to share information can benefit your business. Keeping your online reviews up to date is a great way to build your brand. Don’t trust us? Just Google it.

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