Introducing Kooyal Aggregator – AI-powered Social Media Aggregator for Brands.

Hey, brands!

Today, we are proud to introduce Kooyal Aggregator to you – the only AI-fuelled social media aggregator & UGC platform for integrating and showcasing your brand’s social voice on any digital platform.

We believe the future of business is social, and Kooyal Aggregator is a social media marketing tool that can place your brand in a more socially engaged place. Intensify your brand’s voice along with your users. It helps you to earn more users through social proof and brand trust.

kooyal Aggregator is here to help your business to win more hearts by employing your social engagement.

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Who are we?

We are Kooyal.

Technically, kooyal is a SaaS application builder, and we shape a range of SaaS business applications that cater to multiple business verticals. As our Startup vision says – We provide infrastructure to run business on the Internet.

And, Kooyal Aggregator is the cornerstone of our long journey.

And, our pledge…

Business is not about making money, tirelessly.

We are also here to stand by our environmental pledge – make this planet greener for everyone. Put food on empty plates. Provide medicines to disease.

We believe in the idea that healthy businesses can only grow on a healthy and well-nourished planet. kooyal is gracefully inviting you to join hands that shape the future of the only place we live.

What is Kootal Aggregator?

social media aggregator application kooyal aggregator

Basically, Kooyal Aggregator is a social media aggregator & UGC platform. And, a social media aggregator app aggregates social content from multiple social media platforms. Eventually, it integrates these social media contents into a versatile social media feed.

Now, you have an optimized social media feed at your disposal and you can inject this feed on any digital platform for displaying the same in a planned way.

There are different possibilities.

You can display this social feed on your website to showcase your brand’s social voice. You can build a social media wall and drive in more user engagement. You can throw this feed on digital signage.

Technically, you can display this integrated social media feed on any sized digital display, DOOH(digital-out-of-home) AdTech display boards, and present a personal customer experience to your in-store footfall.

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How kooyal Aggregator functions?

But, each of these innovative social media marketing tactics starts with a social media aggregator.

Any type of social media aggregation goes through some layers or steps to complete the execution. And, there are three basic steps.

Aggregate. Curate/Moderate. Publish.


Firstly, to build a social media feed, that can be coming from any social media profile, you need to aggregate social content. Depending on your business type and vertical the type of social content vary.

Typically, clothing and apparel brands look for visual content that is coming from Instagram as most of their brand’s social happening is going on there. Likewise, brands like GoPro always look for video content for showcasing those video feeds along with their product range as it fits with their brand affinity.

So, whether you are aggregating user reviews or images or video content, you need a versatile social media aggregator app like Kooyal Aggregator that works equally smart with all of these different social media profiles.

kooyal aggregator dashboard

Secondly, you will have to curate or moderate your aggregated social content in order to design an optimized and errorless social media feed that portrays your brand’s social voice in an elegant way.

Further, social content does not always say positive words about your brands. At times, they become abusive and annoying. How you are going to shield your social media feed from these atrocities?

Content moderation is the only way.

Furthermore, at this stage, you will be able to customize the visual parameters of your social media feed.

Kooyal Aggregator packs with a sea of visual customization features. With these features, you will be able to design the visual output parameters of your social media feeds that go well with your website theme and other marketing channels.

social media wall at an event built using kooyal aggregator

Thirdly, once you are done with the aggregation and moderation, you need to publish your social media feed.

Kooyal Aggregator every possible way that you want to integrate this social media feed to your website and other digital media platforms.

Coming to the website as a destination of your social media feed, we have dedicated plugin support for popular website-building platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace.

Simply, use the wide plugin array to integrate your social media feed into your brand’s website within minutes. It doesn’t demand any coding knowledge.

Further, you can use your website’s CNAME DNS record to display your social media feed on a custom domain like ‘’.

Lastly, you can simply copy the embed code from our ’embed widget’ and paste the same on your webpage to display the social feed.

This may look like a long process but, a regular web user can complete the whole process within minutes.

Which business fragments does it cater to?

Do you have a social media following?

Do you want to bring that social voice to other digital platforms to attract more minds?

We bet, you do.

And, if that’s a ‘yes’, Kooyal Aggregator caters to you.

What are you?

An apparel brand? A restaurant? A hotel? A store? A web application? e-commerce store? Else?

Whatever you are, we work for you. We help you build your brand by using your social voice. We aggregate it. We moderate it. We beautify it. We help you display it on whatever digital platform you want.

We are here to grow your brand and this growth is user-centric. Thus, it’s exponential.

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Why kooyal Aggregator stands out as social media aggregator?

Kooyal aggregator is better than other social media aggregator application

We offer an Ai-powered content moderation process. No one does it.

That is where Kooyal Aggregator stands out from the queue of other social media aggregator platforms. We offer you the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Where other social media aggregator platforms offer you a manual content moderation process, Kooyal Aggregator offers you the power of AI along with other manual content moderation features.

We believe, every manual process can be error-prone. But, AI is here to blot out those errors like abusive content and hashtag hijacking from your aggregated social media feed.

We do this for you to ensure your brand’s sustainable growth that is devoid of any negative factors.

How & Why Social media Aggregator builds your brand’s social voice?

social media wall on a mobile phone screen

It’s a no-brainer. Right?

According to marketing analysts, less than 4% of consumers trust traditional marketing. We, the marketer are the least trustworthy professionals in this digital business arena.

And, how have things changed in the last decade?

Global buying decisions have become extremely UGC-centric.

Nowadays, a user trusts other users before making a purchasing decision. And, digital marketing strategies are evolving. They are going more social.

For any brand, social media engagement is the biggest KPI for success. The social penetration of any brand defines its market value today.

Thus, along with this digital transformation, global brands also started witnessing this shift in the global buying pattern.

And, they already have analyzed the value of UGC today.

Admittedly, this evolution in global user trends is pushing every business to go more social. Engage more, socially. Deliver more, socially.

And, integrate that social voice with their brands. Infuse that across their marketing channels.

Kooyal Aggregator, being a versatile social media aggregator for small and medium scale businesses, is that tool that can encase all these marketing issues within an application.

that’s why we are here. And, we are loud about your social growth.

We know that you are on the same page with us.

Always feel free to bug us with your social growth-related queries. How you can grow with it, and how we can help you to do that.

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