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Supported Social Platforms

Which social media platform do your customers live? Aggregator loves all of them. We are always in tune with leading social media platforms. Aggregator currently support Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and RSS. We are actively working on adding more social media platforms.

Easy interactive configuration.

Customize with Studio

We believe in simplicity coupled with smart customization. Aggregator is equally smart for beginners to tech-savvy. Aggregator Studio requires minimal technical knowledge to configure and has a gallery of pre-designed themes ideal for different channels. You may also fully customize your feed with Kooyal Aggregator Ellora open-source library.

Open source library with unlimited flexibility.

Unlimited flexibility with Open Source library

Are you a developer looking for versatile tools to aggregate and display custom social content or feed on any digital platform? We would love to provide you with our open-source library to toy with your love for codes and let you create your dream social media feed for web and mobile apps. Our API documentation will help you to fully customize your feeds. Let’s play.

Integrate with any stack, anywhere.

Integrate with any stack, anywhere

Already have a stack? Don’t worry. Pick things up from where you left. New and futuristic publishing platforms are popping out every day and your Brand’s presence on those is paramount for your upcoming customers. You can integrate Aggregator anywhere including WordPress, Wix, and Shopify with our open-source Ellora Library.

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In case you missed anything.

What is Kooyal Aggregator?

Kooyal Aggregator is a user-generated content (UGC) platform. It enables you to aggregate user-generated content from multiple social media platforms. It integrates all those social media posts into a single stream. You can embed that unified stream on your website, stream it on a digital wall, or create a new site from that content.

Which social sources are supported?

Our platform supports social media aggregation from twelve major social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, RSS, and Instagram. Please contact us if you need a particular social platform. We would be happy to consider adding that to our platform.

How do I cancel my paid plan?

If you need to cancel for any reason, we have a no questions asked cancellation policy. Simply cancel your plan from Kooyal Dashboard or contact our sales team.

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