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Kooyal Aggregator to helps you gather, curate and share user generated content to drive awareness, increase engagement and boost sales.

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Jenny Felt
CMO at MedPlans

User reviews are the highest converting funnel for our SaaS. I love Kooyal Aggregator for making it super simple for us to amplify those user reviews. I am also very impressed by their responsiveness to my feedback and the speed of the new feature releases. Go Nikki and team!

Integrates with all popular social media sources and destinations.
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Position your social content anywhere.
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase engagement & followers
  • Boost product sales

It’s quick and simple to get started.

Step 1
Select your source for the content.
Step 2
Fully customize layout using our Studio & custom CSS.
Step 3
Publish your user content anywhere.
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The most versatile user generated content platform.

Get user content from popular sources.

Supported Social Platforms

Which social media platform do your customers live on? Aggregator loves all of them. We are always in tune with leading social media platforms. Aggregator currently support Twitter, Facebook, ProductHunt, Instagram, Youtube, and RSS. We are actively working on adding more social media platforms.

Customizations to fit your brand.

Customize with Studio

We believe in simplicity coupled with smart customization. Aggregator is equally smart for beginners to tech-savvy. Aggregator Studio requires minimal technical knowledge to configure. You may also fully customize your destination with Kooyal Studio for your brand and needs. We have the customizations your need for your site or events.

Auto Moderation to keep spam way.

Automatic Moderation with AI

It's hard to keep up with all the emails. Well, managing hundreds or thousands of user generated posts is even harder. That's why we have build a spam fighting tool called Moderation to AI to automatically select posts which are positive towards your brand and hide the rest. However, you are always in control and you can set posts as public or private at anytime.

Integrate with any stack, anywhere.

Integrate with any stack, anywhere

Already have a stack? Don’t worry. Pick things up from where you left. New and futuristic publishing platforms are popping out every day and your brand’s presence on those is paramount for your upcoming customers. You can integrate Aggregator anywhere including WordPress, Wix, and Shopify. We provide a web component, so even integrating directly into your React or Vue based app is easy.

Simple no-tricks pricing

In case you missed anything.

What is Kooyal Aggregator?

Kooyal Aggregator is a user-generated content (UGC) platform. It enables you to aggregate user-generated content from multiple social media platforms. It integrates all those social media posts into a single stream. You can embed that unified stream on your website, stream it on a digital wall, or create a new site from that content.

Which social sources are supported?

Our platform supports social media aggregation from twelve major social media platforms including Twitter, ProductHunt, Facebook, RSS, YouTube, and Instagram. Please contact us if you need a particular social platform. We would be happy to consider adding that to our platform.

How to embed Tiles of ❤️?

You only need to add 2 lines of HTML code to your site, a javascript and a web component. You can embed it anywhere including Webflow, WordPress, Shopify or even your custom site. Here's a sample code example.

How do I cancel my paid plan?

If you need to cancel for any reason, we have a no questions asked cancellation policy. Simply cancel your plan from Kooyal Dashboard or contact me at [email protected].

Do you offer discounts?

We sure do help our fellow early-stage SaaS companies, non-profit organizations and students. Reach out at [email protected] to get discount code applied to your account.

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