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Here's how it works

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Once your application is approved, share a unique affiliate on your website, blog, social media, videos — wherever your audience lives.

Share your love of Kooyal

the more you share, the more you get rewarded. There's no limit to how much you can earn, either per referral or overall as an affiliate.

Get paid for every sale

Get rewarded up to 20% of all payment for up to 12 months for all Kooyal Products — without limits.

Who the affiliate program is for?

Bloggers and writers
Add affiliate links and Kooyal ads to monetize your blog posts.

Use affiliate links in your course, tutorial, and classes to turn your teachings into income.

Create an additional source of revenue by helping others make Kooyal work for their business.

YourTubers and video producers
Add some affiliate links into your videos and descriptions to earn more following your passion.

Media Networks
Podcasts, email newsletters and news outlets earn commission from existing audience by additional affiliate links and ads.

Social media influencers
Earn by sharing your love from Kooyal with your followers.

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What is Kooyal Affiliate Program?

Kooyal Affiliate program can help you earn up to 20% commission of all sales you drive to Kooyal. If you are in touch with any size of user base, this can be your best earning opportunity by influencing those users to use Kooyal products.

What is the process for becoming a Kooyal Affiliate?

You can join the Kooyal Affiliate program anytime by applying here. We will review your application in 14 business days.

What are the differences between Kooyal’s Affiliate and Partner Program?

Kooyal affiliate program enables you to earn a commission on your referrals. The affiliate program is designed for professional bloggers, social media influencers, and educators. Affiliate program participants get an affiliate link which can be used to refer people to use Kooyal Products. In this way, the affiliates can earn a commission.

On the other hand, the Kooyal Partnership program is designed for technology partners with existing customer relationships such as Web Development or Marketing Agencies.Kooyal partners get a lot of tools to help manage their customers and also earn a commission for every customer they onboard to Kooyal.

How long do the cookies last?

The cookie will last for 45 days.

How much commission will I earn for being an affiliate?

Technically, there is no limit. You will earn up to 20% affiliate commission for each referral you make. More detailed commission breakdown information is available after your Kooyal Affiliate application is approved.

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